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Creating a Brighter Future

through play

Our Roots

We are an established school in the Lyttelton Manor area. The playgroup opened in 2011 and is in a central residential area. We are a Christian-oriented school for Afrikaans and English children. Today we are a small intimate nursery school with about 40 little ones.

 We do not believe in "mass production". Our goal here is to develop and shape each child their own identity. Each child develops and grows at his or her unique pace.


Quality Child Care

We believe that if we make our friends feel safe, create a routine, and give love in abundance, our friends will flourish and develop optimally for the purpose for which they were created.


We follow a development program with them where we encourage them to develop all the necessary milestones and skills in a playful way so that one day when they go to primary school, they are not only ready for that chapter of their lives but also strong children, who know themselves and thrive.

Our friends even come back to kindergarten after school, because even though we teach them to be independent. This is how the aftercare started about 2+ years ago when our first babies had to go to primary school, even though it was exciting and fun, they missed Tjokkerjol and asked if they wanted to visit.

Our staff is qualified and has first aid training.
Day & Holiday visitors are always welcome to visit us.



Little Ones

Olifantjies & Beertjies Our little ones are our absolute pride! With a qualified teacher with the necessary first aid training as well as an assistant for our 5 little ones per class, we ensure that each baby in our family receives the necessary individual attention. Our baby section is separate from the other youth team's buzz to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.


Wurmpies In this class, we create a homely and loving environment, where every toddler gets the opportunity to develop optimally. The main focus in the toddler group is the development of social and motor skills as well as language. Each toddler gets the opportunity to reach their developmental milestones in their own time. When the time is right, the staff will also start potty training. This is a very special and important milestone


Gogga & Tiertjies In this class, we learn to become a little more independent. We also learn how to try to do things for ourselves. We learn from sharing and waiting our turn, saying thank you, and please and general good manners. ​Sleeping, eating, bathroom as well as playing outside are part of their daily routine to which the children are exposed.


Aftercare Our learners' safety is extremely important to us, therefore we pick up our learners from their classes and transport them to the daycare. Parents are kept informed so that parents can rest assured that their child is safe. Lovely large play area with natural grass to enjoy themselves. Holiday care is free! ​We always make holidays fun without any extra costs for holiday activities. We offer full-day aftercare to learners, we help our learners with completing homework & learning


Uiltjies The classroom provides a loving, safe environment and the freedom to learn. Climbing, walking on our toes, jumping on one leg, and balancing teach us how to move our bodies. Here we learn to tackle tasks on our own. We are independent during bathroom routines, proud of our work and what we do, and take responsibility for our actions. Social & Emotional Goals: • We can share with others • Eager to help • To follow rules we begin to understand • We like to play together


Tjokkerjol Classes

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